A Storybook Christmas in La Plaça de Sant Jaume

The original story book style nativity scene includes mother and child and carol singers

Each December Christmas takes to the streets and plazas of Barcelona in the form of markets, lights, trees and pessebres (nativity scenes). The word pessebre means crib in Catalan and most of the nativity scenes which can be seen in Barcelona follow the traditional format of stable, manger, 3 kings, cows, shepherds etc… One notable …

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Where to See Christmas Nativity Scenes in Barcelona

The three kings arriving at Barceino by boat in the giant nativity scene in Barcelona's Saint James' square.

Plaça de Sant Jaume If you’re in Barcelona at Christmas time you shouldn’t miss the large nativity scene in Plaça de Sant Jaume. The nativity occupies about a quarter of the plaza and the design changes every year. The nativity scene  shown below is from 2014 and was a recreation of the Roman city of Barcino. …

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BarGelona – Barcelona’s Christmas Ice Rink

Adults and children skating at the BarGelona Christmas Ice Rink on Plaça de Catalunya in Central Barcelona

Important – This year (2015) the Barcelona ice rink changed venue to Hospitalet. I will be updating this post as soon as possible. Please check back soon! Now in it’s third year, Barcelona’s Christmas ice rink measures 1400m² making it the largest temporary ice rink in Europe. It’s covered by a giant circus tent (ex …

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The Nativity Scene at Plaça Sant Jaume

Queues at the nativity scene in Plaça Sant Jaume Barcelona

Every December a giant Nativity scene or “Pesebre” is installed in Plaça Sant Jaume. The design changes each year and never fails to surprise. In 2013 the Pesebre depicted life on Barcelona’s rooftops and is one of the most original and interesting that I’ve seen to date. The traditional characters are all represented but with a …

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Curling One Out For Christmas !

Rows of caganers for sale at a Christmas market

If you thought that Southpark’s “Mr. Hankey” was the only toilet related Christmas character – Think again ! The Catalan Christmas tradition includes 2 poo-related characters: The Caganer or “Shitter”- A cheeky figure that first appeared in Catalan nativity scenes during the 18th Century. Caga Tió – The Catalan equivalent of Father Christmas ! The …

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Christmas Markets in Barcelona 2020

Lots of colourful Caganers for sale on a stall at one of the Christmas Markets in Barcelona

Barcelona is a great place for Christmas shopping with a wide range of shops and department stores catering to all budgets and tastes. There are also several traditional Christmas markets that take place every year. La Fira de Santa Llucia The Market of Saint Lucia is Barcelona’s oldest Christmas market and dates back to the …

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