Best Souvenirs and Gifts You Can Buy at Barcelona Airport (and where to find them)

Barcelona football shirts at BCN airport

Barcelona is a shopper’s paradise with an abundance of department stores, boutiques, flea-markets and artisan shops where you can pick up a unique and authentic memento of your trip. With so many options to choose from it can be hard to know where to start. Add to that the fact that holiday time is short …

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Figueres and the Dalí Theatre-Museum

Bronze statue of a woman in front of the Dali Theatre Museum in Figueres, Catalonia, Spain

Best known as the birthplace of Salvador Dalí and home to the Dali Theatre-Museum. Figueres has a relaxed small-town vibe and a historic centre dotted with Art Nouveau buildings, picturesque plazas and a handful of interesting museums. Thanks to its strategic location near the French border, the town also boasts one of the largest bastion …

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Monument to Narcís Monturiol : Inventor of the Steam Powered Submarine

Bronze replica of the first steam powered submarine Ictineo II which was invented by Narcís Monturiol i Estarriol and launched in Barcelona in 1865

Located on Avinguda Diagonal, this four and a half metre concrete and bronze monument to inventor and political activist Narcís Monturiol i Estarriol was inaugurated in 1963. Created by Josep Maria Subirachs, the monument includes a replica of Monturiol’s most famous invention, the steam powered submarine Ictíneo II which was first launched in the Port …

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A Thoughtful Bull and a Very Flirtatious Giraffe (Statues)

Bronxe statue of a Giraffe by Josep Granyer, the giraffe is reclining in a sexy pose, it's tail draped over one hoof

The streets of Barcelona are often likened to an open-air museum or art gallery. From the famous Art Nouveau architecture to monuments, sculptures and street art, there’s something to catch your eye at every turn. Two of the most unusual statues are Thinking Bull (Brau Pensador) and Flirty Giraffe (Girafa Coqueta) which are located at …

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Dalinian Triangle Guide – In the Surreal Footsteps of Salvador Dalí

Dalís version of the Sisitine Chapel at the Theatr museum near Barcelona Spain

Possibly the best known and most instantly recognisable artist of the 20th Century, Salvador Dalí was born in Figueres, 140km north of Barcelona. Famous for his dreamlike surrealist paintings and eccentric public persona, Dalí spent most of his life in Catalonia. Many of his best-known paintings were inspired by the rocky landscapes and coastline between …

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Gala-Dalí Castle, Púbol

The main entrance to Gala and Salvador Dalí's castle in Púbol

The Gala-Dalí Castle at Púbol is one of the three vertices of the so-called Dalinian triangle. More sombre and austere than the couple’s home in Portlligat. The castle was Gala’s private refuge and contains a collection of her dresses, personal belongings and works of art which Dalí painted for her. History of the Gala-Dalí Castle …

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21 Most Instagrammable Locations in Barcelona (With Map)

A group of people taking a selfie in front of the Palau Nacional in Barcelona. They probably uploaded it to Instagram and Facebook to show their friends back home what a good time they were having.

Barcelona is one of Europe’s most photogenic cities with plenty of opportunities to fill your Instagram feed and Facebook timeline with images that will turn your friends back home green with envy. In fact, there are so many Instagram worthy sights that if you’re not careful you might end up missing out on some of …

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Barcelona Sightseeing Passes and Discount Cards

Photo of the Sagrada Familia - One of the best spots for instagram photographs in Barcelona

Barcelona offers visitors good value for money when compared to other popular European cities such as London, Paris, Berlin or Rome. Having said that, the city is packed with attractions and with entry fees generally between €5 and €25, the cost can quickly add up. Luckily there are several discount cards and sightseeing passes which …

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The Wounded Star Sculpture by Rebecca Horn (L’Estel Ferit)

The wounded star statue at sunrise by Rebecca Horn. Photo of Barcelona beach, the early morning sunshine is shining through windows of thye rusty iron block statue staining them yellow. A lone paddlesurfer is walking across the sand carring their board towards the sea for an early morning surf session,

The Wounded Star (Catalan: L’Estel Ferit) by Rebecca Horn is one of several contemporary sculptures which were installed on Barcelona’s waterfront in preparation for the 1992 Olympics. The rusty iron tower is a homage to the rundown chiringuitos (beach bars) and seafood stalls which stood here before the area was refurbished and gentrified in the …

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