Monument to Anselm Clavé

Bronze statue of the Catalan composer and politicain Josep Anselm Clavé in Barcelona, Spain

Josep Anselm Clavé was a musician, composer, writer and political activist. Committed socialist and founder of choral societies aimed at working-class people, Clavé played an important role in the development of popular Catalan culture during the nineteenth century. Monument to Josep Anselm Clavé Inaugurated in 1888, the monument consists of a bronze statue by Manuel …

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The Medieval Fountains of Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter

Photo of the oldest medieval fountain in Barcelona, Santa Ana's fountain

Barcelona was founded by the Romans in the first century AD. As the city’s population increased, two aqueducts were built to bring water from springs in the mountains nearby. After the fall of the Roman Empire, the aqueducts fell into disrepair and were eventually abandoned. During the tenth century AD, a channel called El Rec …

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Fountain of Diana

Close up photo of Diana the Huntress in front of leafy trees on Gran Via Barcelona

Located on the intersection of Gran Via and Roger de Lluria, the Fountain of Diana is a six and a half metre tall marble fountain topped by a statue of the Roman goddess Diana the huntress. The Renaissance styled Fountain by Venancio Vallmitjana was commissioned by Barcelona city council in 1913. Apparently, the young goddess …

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