Lleida – Cathedrals, Castles and a Medieval Dungeon

Photo of the Catalan city of Lleida taken from one of the bridges which span the River Segre. The city is dominated by the impressive medieval Seu Vella cathedral and castle which dominate the city.

Despite being only 150km from Barcelona on the main road to Madrid and with high-speed train links to both cities. Lleida is one of those places which just tends to get overlooked. Certainly I’ve driven past on numerous occasions without ever giving it so much as a second glance. Earlier this month my partner and …

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Montblanc and the Legend of Sant Jordi

Montblanc was founded in 1163 by Alfonso I of Barcelona to defend the road between Tarragona and Lleida. The town prospered and by the 13th Century was one of the most important towns in Catalonia. Today the medieval old town, complete with fortified stone walls is said to be among the best preserved in Spain. The …

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Girona Flower Festival – Girona Temps de Flors

Tourists taking photos amongst the flowers at Geronas famous flower festival in Northern Spain

Each spring, during the 2nd week of May, the streets of Girona fill with colour as the city hosts it’s annual flower festival Girona Temps de Flors. The festival takes place in the historic city centre and medieval Jewish quarter El Call Jueu. The most impressive floral displays include the Cathedral steps, the Arab baths, …

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Besalú – A Medieval Gem in the Heart of Catalonia

The medieval village of Besalú in the Garrotxa region of Catalonia, Spain

With a population of approximately 2400 people, Besalú makes an interesting and relaxing day trip from Barcelona. As you wander the the narrow streets, it’s hard to believe that during the Middle Ages this now tranquil small town was once an important local capital. What to See in Besalú Besalu’s star attraction is without doubt …

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El Pont del Petroli – Badalona

The 275m Pont del Petroli Jetty in Badalona

The 275m Pont del Petroli was constructed in the 1960s by the CAMPSA oil company. Originally used for unloading oil tankers, the jetty was abandoned in the 1990s and soon became popular with local SCUBA divers. In 2003 Badalona City Council purchased and refurbished the jetty adding a weather station at the far end. In 2009 …

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You’ve Just Gotta Love The Weather !

Winter sunshine on a deserted beach at Montgat with views to Barcelona.

As the North of Europe freezes under a blanket of snow Barcelona enjoys a bit of winter sunshine! I took this photo on the beach at Montgat on the way home from work today. Even though the temperature is only about 13 degrees Centigrade it’s nice to have a quick stroll along a deserted beach …

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