Montblanc and the Legend of Sant Jordi

Montblanc was founded in 1163 by Alfonso I of Barcelona to defend the road between Tarragona and Lleida. The town prospered and by the 13th Century was one of the most important towns in Catalonia. Today …

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El Pont del Petroli – Badalona

The 275m Pont del Petroli Jetty in Badalona

The 275m Pont del Petroli was constructed in the 1960s by the CAMPSA oil company. Originally used for unloading oil tankers, the jetty was abandoned in the 1990s and soon became popular with local SCUBA divers. …

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From Argentona to the Castell de Burriac

2 walkers taking a rest on the stone walls of Burriac castle

The 11th Century “Castell de Burriac” is a small medieval castle with fantastic views of the Maresme Coast, Montseny and Barcelona. The castle is located at the top of Burriac hill at an altitude of …

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Sitges in Winter

Statue of Santiago Rusiñol and Ramon Casasnear the beach in Sitges

Sitges is a Spanish beach resort located just 35km south of Barcelona. The town is famous for it’s nightlife, beaches, carnival and the Sitges Film Festival. Sitges in the wintertime is a popular day trip …

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