Sir Winston Churchill Monument

Churchill's face carving in Sarria Barcelona

Sir Winston Churchill and Barcelona Winston Churchill was undoubtedly one of the most important figures of the 20th Century. His leadership inspired the British people to stand up for freedom during the second world war. Hitler backed Franco and used the Spanish Civil War to perfect techniques which were later used by the Nazis in …

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Catalonia’s National Day – La Diada de Catalunya

A castellers human tower in front of the Born Cultural Centre in Barcelona during the Diada de Catalunya celebrations 2016

Every year on the 11th of September, thousands of Barcelona residents take to the streets to celebrate a public holiday called La Diada de Catalunya or National Day of Catalonia. Often refered to as simply La Diada, the day comemorates the fall of Barcelona to the French and Castilian troops of Phillip V of Spain during the war …

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The Barcelona Mammoth Museum

A mammoth skeleton in the Barcelona Mammoth Museum

Unfortunately the Barcelona Mammoth Museum is no longer open to the public. Due to financial reasons, it closed down on the 25th of October 2016 and most of the collection has been moved to another museum in Italy. If your kids are fans of the Ice Age films then they’ll love the Barcelona Mammoth Museum. …

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