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MUHBA Via Sepulcral Romana – Roman Burial Ground

The Via Sepulcral Romana dates back to the first century AD. During the period of the Roman Empre cemeteries were built outside the city limits. In this case the tombs lined the road between Barcino (Barcelona) and nearby Sarria. The cemetery was discovered in the 1950s when buildings which had been badly damaged by bombs MORE»


Monestir de Pedralbes – One of Barcelona’s Best Kept Secrets!

The Monestir de Pedralbes is a beautiful gothic monastery which was built in 1326 by Queen Elisenda in an effort to be forgiven for her sins. Some of the most famous architects of the time worked on the project including Ramon Despuig and Berenguer de Montagut who also designed the Bascilica de Santa Maria del MORE»


The Barcelona History Museum – MUHBA Plaça del Rei

The MUHBA Plaça del Rei is the largest of the Barcelona History Museum’s centres and contains remains of the Roman city of Barcino which were discovered totally by chance during the construction of Via Laietana! History of the MUHBA Plaça del Rei: In the 1930s the medieval Royal Palace was dismantled to make way for MORE»

Microcars in Barcelona

The MUHBA (Barcelona History Museum) has several centres dedicated to the history of the city from Roman times to the present day. From the 21st of December 2012 until the 15th of March 2013 they are staging a temporary exhibition dedicated to the history of microcars in Barcelona. The exhibition consists of about 15 cars and microcars from MORE»