MUHBA Via Sepulcral Romana – Roman Burial Ground

Close-up view of Roman Tombs at the MUHBA Via Sepulcral Romana, Barcelona
Roman Tombs at the MUHBA Via Sepulcral Romana

The Via Sepulcral Romana dates back to the first century AD. During the period of the Roman Empre cemeteries were built outside the city limits. In this case the tombs lined the road between Barcino (Barcelona) and nearby Sarria.

A group of tourists looking down on the ancient Roman graveyard at the MUHBA Via Sepulcral Romana Barcelona
The ancient Roman burial ground. Plaça Vila de Madrid, Barcelona

The cemetery was discovered in the 1950s when buildings which had been badly damaged by bombs during the Spanish Civil War were torn down to make way for a new plaza.

The site was excavated and preserved as part of Plaça Vila de Madrid. In 2009 the Via Sepulcral Romana became part of the MUHBA and an exhibition hall was added.

A childs skeleton in an earthenware jar exhibited in the MUHBA museum
One of the exhibits in the MUHBA centre

The small exhibition is is divided into 2 parts. The first part is dedicated to the Roman road network and includes reproductions of ancient maps of Europe. The second section explains Roman burial practices and contains some of the artefacts found at the site.

Time needed to visit

You should allow 15 to 20 minutes to visit the exhibition and tombs. If you are short of time (or money) you can see the graveyard from street level without entering the exhibition.

Information in English?

The exhibition is in Catalan and Spanish but there are English language leaflets available.

The tombs are labelled in English.

You can also download English language PDFs explaining the history of the site. Here.

I also suggest you take a look at this interesting collection of old colour photos which includes a surprising photo of the square in the 1960s.


Plaça Vila de Madrid, Barcelona

How to get there

The MUHBA Via Sepulcral Romana is located near La Rambla in the Gothic quarter.

The nearest metro stations are “Jaume I” and “Liceu” (L4 – green line) “Catalunya” (L1 – red line)

Opening times

Tuesday to Friday 11am – 2pm
Saturday and Sunday 11am – 7pm
Monday – Closed
Public holidays 11am – 2pm

Entrance fee

Standard ticket €2
<29 years and OAP s €1.50
Children under 16 and Barcelona Card holders FREE ENTRY
Entry to the exhibition / graveyard is free of charge after 3pm on Sundays and all day on the first Sunday of the month.

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08002 Barcelona, Spain


  1. My son and I stumbled upon the Roman burial grounds and found it to be a fascinating part of Spanish/Catalonian history. We had no idea of its existence and would recommend travelers to explore the site. (English speaker friendly and the folks who work there are very helpful and welcoming.) Worth the exploration….

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