The “Maja Madrilenya” Fountain


The “Maja Madrilenya” is a 5m high white marble fountain in Plaça Vila de Madrid (just off La Rambla). The statue was unveiled in 1956 and is the work of Catalan sculptor Lluís Montané Molfulleda.

The 5m high white marble Maja fountain in Plaça Vila de Madrid, Barcelona
The Maja Madrilenya fountain by Lluís Montané Molfulleda

So what exactly is a Maja?

“Majas” or “Majas Goyescas” date back to 18th century Madrid. At the time women’s fashion included tight fitting velvet jackets and colourful, voluminous full length dresses.

The word maja (or majo) is also used as an adjective to describe a person’s character and means friendly.

Barcelona and Madrid's coats-of-arms carved in marble
Coats of arms

With all the hype about rivalry between Barcelona and Madrid, it seems odd to see the two cities’ coats of arms side-by-side!


Plaça Vila de Madrid, Barcelona

A street sign made of ceramic tiles
Street sign – Plaça Vila de Madrid

How to get there

The nearest metro stations are “Jaume I” (L4 – yellow line),  “Liceu” (L3 – green line) and “Catalunya” (L1 – red line)

Other attractions nearby:

MUHBA Via Sepulcral Romana (Roman burial ground)
La Rambla
The Canaletas fountain
The Motorcycle Museum
Barcelona Cathedral


08002 Barcelona, Spain

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