Hercules Fountains & The Origins Of Barcelona

A stone statue of Hercules, standing on a pedestal with a large club in his hand

According to legend, Barcelona was founded by the Greek God Heracles, who, together with his brother Hermes, accompanied Jason and the Argonauts, searching for the Golden Fleece. The brothers set sail with a fleet of …

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Statue of Little Red Riding Hood

Bronze statue of Little Red Riding Hood in Barcelona

Who isn’t familiar with the story of Little Red Riding Hood? The tale of a young girl and her grandmother who are saved from a fierce wolf by a burly woodcutter. The Little Red Riding …

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Neptune’s Fountain: History and Symbolism

Neptune's Fountain, Barcelona, Spain

Neptune is one of the best known Roman gods and there are fountains dedicated to him in numerous European cities including Rome, Florence, Madrid and Berlin. Neptune’s fountain in Barcelona was inaugurated in 1882. Originally …

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Fountain of Diana

Close up photo of Diana the Huntress in front of leafy trees on Gran Via Barcelona

Located on the intersection of Gran Via and Roger de Lluria, the Fountain of Diana is a six and a half metre tall marble fountain topped by a statue of the Roman goddess Diana the …

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Plaça d’Espanya

Panoramic view of Spain square, The National Palace and Montjuic mountain from the Arenes bullring turned shopping centre Barcelona

Plaça d’Espanya was built for the 1929 International Exhibition and was originally flanked by purpose-built hotels designed to house people visiting the exhibition. Only one of the hotels remains and nowadays the square is basically …

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The Magic Fountain of Montjuïc

Tourists filming the Magic fountain with their mobile phones

I have to admit that the first time I visited the Magic Fountain I was pretty sceptical. Let’s face it, an illuminated fountain that changes colour in time to music sounds pretty cheesy! All I …

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Laribal Gardens – Montjuïc

The Estival statue in the Laribal Gardens of Montjuic. The photo was taken from behind the statue looking out at the gardens

The Laribal gardens (Jardines de Laribal) are located on the lower slopes of Montjuic between the MNAC and the Miró foundation. Tranquil and shady, the park is made up of a series of terraces linked …

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The “Maja Madrilenya” Fountain

The “Maja Madrilenya” is a 5m high white marble fountain in Plaça Vila de Madrid (just off La Rambla). The statue was unveiled in 1956 and is the work of Catalan sculptor Lluís Montané Molfulleda. …

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