Laribal Gardens – Montjuïc

The Estival statue in the Laribal Gardens of Montjuic. The photo was taken from behind the statue looking out at the gardens

The Laribal gardens (Jardines de Laribal) are located on the lower slopes of Montjuic between the MNAC and the Miró foundation. Tranquil and shady, the park is made up of a series of terraces linked by narrow paths and stairways and was designed by  Jean Claude Nicolas Forestier and Nicolau M. Rubió Tudurí for the Barcelona World’s Fair of 1929.

The combination of shady trees, fountains and water is reminiscent of the gardens of the Alhambra Palace in Granada. Unlike the Alhambra which tends to get overrun with tourists, The Laribal gardens positively ooze peace and tranquillity.

Andalusian style fountain
The Ceramic Fountain

The gardens contain sculptures by Josep Viladomat and Jaume Otero. However, the park is best known amongst locals for the Font del Gat (the fountain of the cat) which was built in 1918 by Joan Antoni Homs. The fountain used to be a popular location for family picnics and a meeting place for young couples and was featured in the popular song “La Marieta de l’ull viu” by Joan Amich.

Other points of interest in the park include the stone stairway of the Generalife Gardens (check out the aqueducts in the handrails), the Ceramic Tiled Fountain and the art deco style “Estival” and “Noia de la trena” sculptures. I also like the devil fountain at the lower entrance to the park.

Small fountain, Laribal Gardens Barcelona
Water and shade play an important role in the Laribal gardens

While you are here, I suggest you also take a look at the fountain located in the grounds of the Archaeological Museum of Catalonia. I haven’t managed to find any information about this small park on the web yet, but the fountain, surrounding arches and large statue of a young woman are worth visiting.


Passeig de Santa Madrona No. 2, Barcelona

How to get there

Bus number 55 stops at the park (stop number 2459, Passeig de Santa Madrona Font del Gat)
Alternatively it takes about fifteen minutes to walk from Plaça d’Espanya.

Opening Times

10 am to sunset.

Entry fee


Other Attractions Nearby


Laribal Gardens,

Parc de Montjuïc, s/n, 08038 Barcelona

Park Guide – Laribal Gardens

NameJardines de Laribal
Opening Hours10am – sunset
Entry FeeFree
Public TransportBus 55, Stop 2459
Sculptures / Public Art?Yes
Café / Refreshments?Yes
Drinking Fountains?No
Public Toilets?No
Children’s Play Area?No
Sports / Fitness Equipment?No
Shady Areas?Yes
Dogs Allowed?No
Mini waterfalls cascade down the handrail of the Generalife steps
Mini waterfalls cascade down the handrail of the Generalife steps
La Noia de la Trenza statue by Josep Viladomat, Barrcelona
La Noia de la Trenza statue by Josep Viladomat
Vines create shade on some of the terraces of the Laribal gardens
Shady terraces
Lovers used to carve their initials in the tiles at Laribal Gardens Barcelona
The low walls surrounding one of the terraces are covered with carved hearts
A shady path in the Laribalgardens, Montjuic Barcelona
Shady paths
A decorative fountain surrounded by trees in one of the parks on Montjuic hill Barcelona
Fountain in the gardens of the Archaeological Museum of Catalonia

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