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Parc de l’Espanya Industrial

A stones throw from Barcelona’s main railway station, the Parc de l’Espanya Industrial is best known for the 12m high dragon sculpture by Andrés Nagel. The sculpture doubles as a childrens’ slide and is commonly used by skaters  and BMXers (Note the “BMX or die” slogan spray painted above one of the ramps). The park gets MORE»

Monument to Doctor Trueta

Josep Trueta Raspall was born in the Poblenou neighbourhood of Barcelona in 1897. He studied medicine at the University of Barcelona and in 1921 started working as an assistant surgeon in the Hospital de la Santa Creus I Sant Pau. By the onset of the Spanish Civil War in 1936 Dr. Trueta had already started MORE»

Statue of Pau Claris

This bronze statue of Pau Claris was inaugurated in 1880 and originally stood on what is now Via Laietana. It was withdrawn from public display during the Spanish Civil War, as were other monuments to famous Catalan figures such as Dr Bartomeu Robert and Rafael Casanova. In 1977 the statues were restored and reinstated in MORE»

Sir Winston Churchill Monument

Sir Winston Churchill and Barcelona Winston Churchill was undoubtedly one of the most important figures of the 20th Century. His leadership inspired the British people to stand up for freedom during the second world war. Hitler backed Franco and used the Spanish Civil War to perfect techniques which were later used by the Nazis in MORE»


Mahatma Gandhi Gardens and Statue

Many of Barcelona’s streets, squares and parks are named after famous figures from Spanish history. There are also quite a few international names honoured including Anne Frank, George Orwell, Winston Churchill, John Lennon and Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhi Gardens (Jardins de Gandhi) were inaugurated in 2000 by the then Mayor of Barcelona Joan Clos. The small MORE»

Rafael Casanova Monument

Rafael Casanova was the Councillor in Chief of Barcelona during the war of the Spanish succession. He is a Catalan national hero and was wounded defending the city when it fell to Bourbon troops on September 11th 1714. Catalan politicians and public figures lay floral tributes in front of the statute as part of the MORE»

The “Maja Madrilenya” Fountain

The “Maja Madrilenya” is a 5m high white marble fountain in Plaça Vila de Madrid (just off La Rambla). The statue was unveiled in 1956 and is the work of Catalan sculptor Lluís Montané Molfulleda. So what exactly is a Maja? “Majas” or “Majas Goyescas” date back to 18th century Madrid. At the time women’s MORE»

Poblenou Cemetery

Poblenou’s Cemetery (Cementiri de Poblenou / Cementiri de l’Este) was built in the mid 18th Century and then rebuilt and extended during the 19th Century. It is divided into 3 sections. The first of which is a labyrinth of 7 story high burial niches typical of Spanish cemeteries. The second section is full of extravagant MORE»