The Roger de Llúria Monument

This bronze statue of Roger de Llúria was constructed in 1885 by Catalan artist Josep Reynés.

The statue is located on Passeig Lluis Companys, just opposite the main entrance to the Ciutadella Park and was originally part of a series of 8 statues of Catalan heroes.

Statue of Roger de LLúria, Barcelona
Statue of Roger de LLúria, Barcelona

Who was Roger de Llúria?

Roger de Llúria was born in 1245 and was the Admiral of the Aragonese Navy based in Barcelona. He is famous for having defeated the French Navy in the battle of Formigues in 1285, after which the French were driven out of Catalonia.

About The Artist

Josep Reynés was born in Barcelona in 1850. His best known works include; The Jarrón con Niños fountain in the Ciutadella Park and the Barcelona Recibe los Naciones frieze which is part of the Arc de Triomf.

Roger de Llúria Monument near the Ciutadella Park Barcelona
Roger de Llúria Monument


The Roger de Llúria monument is situated at the intersection of Passeig Lluis Companys and Passeig de Pujades in front of the entrance to the Ciutadlea Park in Barcelona.

How to get there

The nearest Metro stops are Arc de Triomf on the red line (L1) and Ciutadella/Vila Olimpica on the yellow line (L4). Also the Ciutadella/Vila Olimpica Tram stop (T4)

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08018 Barcelona, Spain

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