Hercules Fountains & The Origins Of Barcelona

A stone statue of Hercules, standing on a pedestal with a large club in his hand

According to legend, Barcelona was founded by the Greek God Heracles, who, together with his brother Hermes, accompanied Jason and the Argonauts, searching for the Golden Fleece. The brothers set sail with a fleet of …

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Desolation by Josep Llimona

Desolation - A white marble statue of a weeping woman in a pond

Desolation (Catalan: Desconsol) is one of the best known and most evocative statues by Catalan sculptor Josep Llimona i Brugera. Born in Barcelona in 1863, Josep Llimona is widely considered to be the most influential …

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A Room Where it Always Rains by Juan Muñoz

Close up of the bronze figures in Juan Muñoz's A Room Were it Always Rains sculpture, Barcelona

In preparation for the Olympic Games of 1992, Barcelona’s seafront and port were transformed from a largely neglected industrial area into one of the most attractive waterfronts in Europe. The whole area was given a …

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Homage to swimming by Alfredo Lanz

The homage to swimming monument on the Barceloneta beach in Barcelona early in the morning when nobody is about

Spanish artist Alfredo Lanz has 2 sculptures on display near Barcelona’s waterfront. The better known and largest of the two is Homage to swimming (Catalan: Homenatge a la Natació) which is located in Plaça del …

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Onades (Waves) by Andreu Alfaro

Photo of the onates "waves" statue in Barcelona taken with a fisheye lense

If you arrived in Barcelona by ferry or cruise ship you will already be familiar with the Onades (waves) sculpture by Andreu Alfaro Hernández. Likewise, if you took a taxi from the airport to the city centre, …

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Marc by Robert Llimós

Brightly coloured bronze statue of Marc in Barcelona's Olympic village

Marc is one of a pair of nearly identical statues by Robert Llimós portraying a colourful, genderless, neo-expressionist human figure holding a large picture frame which it is looking through. The sculpture was inaugurated in 1997 and …

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Wilfred the Hairy: History and Legends

Stone carving of Wilfred the Hairy slaying a dragon with a wooden staff nect to the door of Barcelona cathedral

Tucked away beside the north entrance to Barcelona cathedral there is a small stone sculpture of an extremely hairy knight fighting what looks like a griffin. The knight is Wilfred the Hairy (Guifré el Pilòs) who …

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Fernando Botero’s Fat Animal Sculptures

3 children climbing on Botero's cat sculpture in Barcelona's Rambla del Raval

Two of Barcelona’s most photographed sculptures bear the unmistakable hallmark of Colombian artist Fernando Botero.  According to Wikipedia the artist’s trademark style is called Boterism and depicts people and animals in “exaggerated volume”. The Cat …

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