Barcelona Light Festival 2024 : LLum BCN Poblenou

People watching the animated projections on the side of the DHUB Barcelona design museum durin Llum BCN. Barcelona festival of light.
Barcelona Light Festival LLum BCN

Barcelona’s Festival of light Llum BCN takes place in February in the Poblenou neighbourhood.

When darkness falls, buildings, streets, and plazas are transformed by large-scale projections and audio-visual displays created by local and international artists and students from Barcelona’s art, architecture, and design schools.

The festival started out as part of the annual Festes de Santa Eulalia celebrations which take place in the Gothic Quarter on the weekend of February 12th.

In 2018 Llum BCN became a separate entity and relocated to Poblenou where the wider streets and modern architecture have allowed the event to grow.

Last year, more than 170,000 visitors enjoyed the transformation of the familiar urban landscape into a fantasy world of light.

Llum BCN 2024 takes place from the second to the fourth of February. You can find more about this year’s event and a map of the installations on the Llum BCN website.

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