Someone’s Knitting Jumpers for the Trees !

A tree wearing a hand knitted jumper in the Parc del Clot Barcelona

You may remember that last year I told you about a series of modified street signs which appeared overnight in Poblenou and turned out to be the work of French artist Clet Abraham.

Well last Monday I spotted an unusual new piece of street art in El Parc del Clot. Instead of conventional media such as spray paint or stickers the artist in question uses wool and knitting needles. To be more specific, someone’s knitting jumpers for the trees !

Another tree wearing a hand knitted jumper, street art in Barcelona

On Monday one of the trees was wearing a modest blue and white jumper. This morning I noticed that three more of the park’s tree population were wearing brightly coloured striped jerseys. I’ve no idea who is knitting (or possibly crocheting) the garments but I’m looking forward to seeing this spread throughout the entire park !

If you have any more information about this highly original and amusing piece of street art (or jumpers for trees in general) please let us know by leaving a comment below.

Update 29 May 2014

All the trees in one of Barcelona's parks have large cotton bows tied to them
Yarn bombing in El Parc del Clot, Barcelona

This morning was atypically grey and rainy here in Barcelona. So I was pleased to see that last night someone had been busy tying a white cotton bow to each and every one of the trees in the Parc del Clot. As far as I could see they didn’t miss a single tree.

Since I originally wrote this post I’ve done a bit of googling about this kind of knitted graffiti. It  turns out that it’s not as unusual as I thought, it’s called Yarn Bombing and there are entire websites dedicated to it:

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