What to Wear in Barcelona in May

May got off to a good start this year with sunny weather and temperatures up in the twenties. In the afternoons even the locals were on the beach sunbathing. Then half way through the month the weather tuned bad, there was 4 days of heavy rain and it even snowed in the Pyrenees!

The last two weeks have seen a slow recovery with cooler temperatures and a mixture of sunshine, clouds and the occasional shower thrown in for good measure. Saying that, it’s still been around 20 degrees or so in the afternoon.

I was going to say that this isn’t normal weather for May in Barcelona. In fact I don’t think it’s that unusual because there is a Spanish saying which goes something like this:

“Hasta el cuarenta de mayo no te quites el sayo”

Which roughly corresponds to the old English proverb “Never cast a clout ‘till May be out”. In other words, don’t put your winter clothes away until June!

Tourists near Barcelona Cathedral May 2013
Tourists near Barcelona Cathedral May 2013

What to Wear in Barcelona – May 2013

I’ve ignored both sayings and have put away my winter clothes. Instead of my fleece lined jacket I’m now wearing a denim jacket on the way to work in the morning and when I go out in the evening. Apart from the rainy days at the middle of the month, during the day it’s generally been T-shirt weather.

If you’re visiting Barcelona in May you should definitely pack your sunglasses, shorts, flip-flops and swimming costume. Just don’t forget to pack a jacket, long trousers and umbrella!

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