What to Wear in Barcelona in January

First time visitors to Barcelona often have a hard time deciding what clothes to bring with them. Especially if you’re travelling with a budget airline like Easyjet or Ryanair and are trying save money by only bringing hand luggage, it can be hard to know what you really need to pack.

A sunny morning in January in Barcelona
A sunny morning in January in Barcelona

This is the first in a series of posts which aims to help you decide what to pack when you visit Barcelona. Towards the end of each month I’m going to describe the type of clothes I’ve been wearing most and give some general information about what the weather’s been like.

Please bear in mind that although these posts should help you to decide what to bring, the weather is prone to change!

What to Wear in Barcelona – January 2013

This month I’ve mostly been wearing my fleece lined Gore Tex jacket over a jumper and jeans. There have been several days when it has rained heavily so it’s worth brining an umbrella – you can buy cheap ones here for about 4 Euros. When it rains it tends to rain hard for fairly short periods so you shouldn’t expect to be stuck inside all day. There have also been several days when I’ve been out and about at mid-day without a jacket. Layers are the key at this time of year.

I think I’ve worn sunglasses about 3 times this month!

A tourist wearing warm clothes in Barcelona in January.
A tourist in front of the Torre Agbar – ideally dressed for January in Barcelona

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