English Language Cinemas in Barcelona

There are currently 6 cinemas in Barcelona which show films in their original language (mostly in English) with Spanish subtitles.

The cinemas cater mainly to locals and show a mixture of “art-house” films and mainstream Hollywood blockbusters. The Filmoteca de Catalunya also shows “classic” and “cult” movies.

The purpose built filmoteca in the heart of Brcelonas Raval neighbourhood.
The filmoteca cinema in the heart of Barcelona’s Raval neighbourhood.

Where to See English Language Films in Barcelona

Cinemes Méliès
Address: Calle Villarroel 102
Nearest Metro: Urgell (L1)

Cines Verdi
Address: Carrer Verdi 32
Nearest Metro: Fontana (L3)

Filmoteca de Catalunya
Address: Plaça de Salvador Seguí, 1 – 9
Nearest Metro: Liceu (L3)

Renoir Floridablanca
Address: Carrer Floridablanca 135
Nearest Metro: Universitat (L2 & L1)

Yelmo Comedia
Address: Passeig de Gràcia 13
Nearest Metro: Passeig de Gràcia (L2, L3 & L4)

Yelmo Icaria
Address: Carrer Salvador Espiriú 61
Nearest Metro: Ciutadella / Villa Olimpica (L4)


Some people queing to buy tickets at the Icaria english language cinema Barcelona
Standing in line to buy tickets at the Icaria 15 screen Cinema


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