Jardins de les 3 Xemeneies – Barcelona’s Graffiti Park

The chimneys which are all that remains of the old power station at el parc de les 3 chimeneies Barcelona

Jardins de les 3 Xemeneies or Gardens of the three chimneys is the most urban of Barcelona’s urban parks.

Located near Montjuïc in the Poble-sec neighbourhood, the park gets it’s name from the 3 brick chimneys which are all that remains of an early 20th century power station built by the Barcelona Traction Power and Light Company.
Colourful street art at Barcelona's legal graffiti parksThe park is dominated by three large concrete walls where graffiti artists can paint without fear of being fined.

In 2012 a project called Murs Lliures was launched as a collaboration between the Rebobinart association and Barcelona city council.

The project aims to promote the regeneration of urban areas by encouraging street art and was inspired by similar projects in cities like Philadelphia and Miami.

There are currently 5 open walls areas in Barcelona of which the 3 Xemeneies is the most centrally located. All the others are in the Poblenou neighbourhood.
Legal graffiti walls BarcelonaLocal and international artists can sign up online to paint a specific section of wall on a given date. The end result is a continuously changing open air gallery of graffiti and street art.

The murals at the Jardins de les 3 Xemeneies are painted over on a weekly basis and there are several blogs and social media profiles which aim to capture the ever changing panorama.Monkey graffiti artist painted on one of Barcelona's first legal graffiti walls in the Parc de les 3 xemeneies

Face painted on a wall in Barcelona screaming angerLegal graffiti wall in Barcelona


Avda. Paral-lel 49, Barcelona

How to get there:

The park is a few metres from the Paral-lel metro station on the green and purple lines (L3 & L2)

Unhappy elephant in BarcelonaTeenagers chatting near a wall covered with graffiti in Barcelona

Part of the engine of the La Canadiense electricity generating power station in Barcelona's Poble Sec neighbourhoodStreet art Poble Sec Barcelona

Other attractions nearby:

The Maritime Museum
The Christopher Columbus Monument
La Carbonería (the coal house)
Sant Pau del Camp Monastery


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  1. Hi, I’m Niccoló, I am a writer and I have a question related at the “jardins des les 3 Xemeneies”.
    I must pay a wall before painting or i can paint free?

    • Hi Niccoló,

      If you want to paint at Jardins de le 3 Xemeneies or any of the other free walls you just need to download the Wallspot app, register as an artist, check for available dates and book the space where you want to paint. There’s no charge. You can find more information on the wallspot website.


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