Vegetarian Restaurants in Barcelona

Vegetarians can sometimes have a hard time when visiting Spain. Sure, there are some common vegetarian dishes which are available in most restaurants. But after days of eating Spanish omelette and salad, it can start to wear a bit thin!

Luckily meat-free eating is increasingly popular in Barcelona, and there are a growing number of good vegetarian and vegan restaurants. Here are a few of my favourites. Listed alphabetically, I’ll let you make up your own mind about which is the best.


Starter of 3 arancini made with locally sourced rice and cheese served at the Aguaribay vegetarian restaurant in Barcelona
Arancini, cheese-filled rice balls – Aguaribay

Aguaribay serves a variety of international vegetarian dishes in relaxed surroundings near the picturesque Rambla del Poblenou. In addition to the regular menu, there is also a blackboard with a list of specials which change daily. Favourite dishes include the risotto, arancini (rice balls filled with cheese and mushrooms) and pad thai (not to mention the deserts).

From Monday to Friday lunchtimes, they offer three set meal combinations with prices starting from €8.90. All meals are accompanied by homemade hummus, crudités and bread—more information on their website and Facebook page.

Vegan dishes? Yes, vegan and gluten-free dishes are clearly indicated on the menu and chalkboard.
Opening times: Mon – Fri 13:00 – 16:00, Thurs – Sat 20.30 – 23.30, Sat – Sun 13.30 – 16.30
Address: Carrer del Taulat 95
Neighbourhood: Poblenou
Nearest metro: Poblenou (yellow line L4)

Facebook page


A warming bowl of vegetarian Asturian style fabada bean casserole served in Amaltea, BCN. Traditionally this dish contains meat but here the meat is replaced with tofu makig it 100% vef¡getarian.
Vegetarian “fabada” or bean casserole – Amaltea

Amaltea serves vegetarian versions of traditional Spanish dishes such as Fabada (bean casserole), Cannelloni or Paella, as well as a selection of international dishes. The food is good, and portions are larger than average. The restaurant has a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, and the walls and ceiling are decorated with a large mural giving the impression that you are eating on a terrace overlooking the mountains at Pompeii.

If you prefer, you can buy food to take away. They also offer a catering service and run regular vegetarian cooking classes (more information on the website). There is also a small notice board near the entrance with leaflets advertising local yoga classes, tai-chi, reflexology etc..… The owner of Amaltea also owns Govinda, which is a popular vegetarian Indian restaurant in the Gothic quarter.

Vegan dishes? Yes, although they’re not marked on the menu.
Opening Times: Mon – Sat 13:00  – 16:00  20:00 – 23:00
Address: Carrer Diputació 164
Neighbourhood: L’Eixample
Nearest Metro: Urgell (red line L1)

Arc Iris

Simple dish of fresh carrots and pease served with delicious yougurt sauce at Arc Iris vegetarian restaurant Barcelona
Boiled carrots and peas with yogurt sauce – Arc Iris

Arc Iris was the first vegetarian restaurant that I ate in when I moved to Barcelona, and has been my favourite place to eat ever since. I would describe the food as Mediterranean home cooking; simple, tasty food served in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. Unfortunately they only open at lunchtime.

Arc Iris is very popular with the locals, and if you turn up at peak time (between 2 and 3), you may well have to queue. You seldom have to wait long, though, and it’s well worth it. Favourite dishes include Spinach Cannelloni, Vegetable Moussaka and  Boiled Vegetables with white sauce (The vegetables vary, look for “bullit” or “hervido” on the menu. The sauce used to be homemade veganaise made with almonds but the last few times I’ve eaten here it’s been a yoghurt sauce).

They also offer meal vouchers as well as a takeaway service, and a notice board where customers post adverts for yoga, meditation and pilates classes etc.

Vegan dishes? Yes, approximately 50% of the menu is vegan or can be adapted if you ask.
Opening Times: Mon – Sat 13:00 – 16:00
Address: Carrer de Roger de Flor 216
Neighbourhood: L’Eixample
Nearest Metro: Verdaguer (blue line L5)
Facebook page

La Báscula

Bowls of delicious vegetarian food in La Báscula vegetarian restaurant Barcelona
Lentil, pumpkin and potatoe stew & Vegetable pie with salad – La Báscula
La Bascula is temporarily closed due to building works. According to their facebook page they expect to re-open later in the year

Located in the El Born neighbourhood, a short walk from the Picasso Museum, La Bascula occupies the ground floor of an old building which was once a chocolate factory. The restaurant takes its name from the industrial scales at the entrance. The atmosphere is laid back, and the décor funky and unusual; diners sit on stools at high tables made from old wooden doors. In the middle of the restaurant, there is a large communal table which affords a good view of the kitchen, where the chefs prepare a range of international vegetarian and vegan food.

There are plenty of vegan dishes to choose from as well as gluten-free; La Bascula has menus in Spanish, Catalan, English and French. Despite being a vegetarian restaurant, they usually have one meat dish on the menu (typically tuna), which could be handy if you are travelling with a carnivore who refuses to eat veggie. Don’t be put off by the fact that they use recycled plastic plates and cutlery, the food is very good.

Vegan dishes? Yes, vegan and gluten-free.
Opening times: Wed-Sat 13:00 – 23:00
Address: Carrer dels Flassaders 30
Neighbourhood: El Born
Nearest Metro: Barceloneta or Jaume I (yellow line L4)
Facebook page


A delicious salad at the Biocenter vegetarian restaurant in Barcelona
Self-service salad bar – Biocenter

Biocenter combines chic decor with good food and a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. They serve a daily set menu with a self-service salad buffet and a selection of combined dishes. Unlike most veggie restaurants, Biocenter opens for breakfast at 9 am.

Smokers will be pleased to know that there are a couple of small tables by the entrance where you can enjoy a cigarette with your morning coffee.

Vegan dishes? Yes.
Opening Times: Mon – Fri 09:00 – 23:00 Sat 13:00 – 23:00 Sun 13:00 – 16:00
Address: Carrer del Pintor Fortuny, 25
Neighbourhood: El Raval
Nearest Metro: Universitat (red and purple lines L1 & L2)

El Buffet Verd

A square slice of onion quiche served on a white china plate, there are a glass cuttlery and a napkin next to the plate.
Vegetarian onion quiche – El Buffet Verd

El Buffet Verd is a self-service vegetarian buffet located in Barcelona’s l’Example neighbourhood. They serve a lunchtime buffet which includes a comprehensive all-you-can-eat salad bar, soup and fideua plus a selection of hot dishes and homemade desserts. If you’re not so hungry, you can also choose to have just one dish and a drink. Favourite dishes include the vegetarian onion quiche and gaspatxo.

Vegan dishes: Yes
Opening times: Mon-Sat 13:00 – 16:15
Address: Carrer de Roger de Lluria 134
Neighbourhood: l’Eixample
Nearest metro: Passeig de Gràcia (green, yellow and purple lines L3, L4 & L2)

Cat Bar

Vegan burgers in hand baked bread rolls asrved with fried potatoes and craft beer in Cat Bar Barcelona
Vegan burgers and craft beer – Cat Bar

Cat Bar is a quirky cat-themed bar which specialises in craft beers and vegan burgers. They have nine locally produced craft beers on tap and offer a selection of vegan burgers served with chunky patatas bravas. The spicy Mexican Red and delicious Champion both come highly recommended. The bar’s unusual post-punk décor includes paintings and sketches of cats, toilet seat tables and a DuCATi motorbike.

Vegan dishes? Yes – all food served is vegan.
Opening Times: Thurs – Mon 13:00 – 23:00
Address: Carrer de l’Arc de Sant Onofre 4
Neighbourhood: La Ribera
Nearest Metro: Jaume I (yellow line L4)
Facebook page

The Green Spot

Delicious vegetarian food, nicely presented in Greenspot vegetarian restaurant Barcelona
Breaded cauliflower and Beetroot and avocado tartar – The Green Spot

A Barcelona food blog which I follow once described The Green Spot as being a vegetarian restaurant aimed at non-vegetarians. The idea behind the comment, I assume, is that people would eat here out of choice rather than necessity.

As a long-term vegetarian, I guess I can understand where the writer was coming from. The restaurant itself is nothing short of stunning. A beautifully decorated open space with vaulted ceilings and large tables with plenty of room to move between them. I have to admit that the first time we visited, I rechecked the prices on the menu before ordering to make sure that I would be able to afford it.

You’ll be pleased to hear that although prices are a little higher than the other restaurants on this list. There’s not much in it and I feel that the price is easily justified by the surroundings, service and the quality of the food served. The extensive menu is a mixture of European and internationally inspired dishes.

Vegan dishes? Yes, vegan dishes are indicated on the menu.
Opening times: Mon – Sun 13:00 – 16:00, 20:00 – 24:00
Address: Carrer de la Reina Cristina 12
Neighbourhood: Gothic Quarter / Port Vell
Nearest metro: Barceloneta (yellow line L4)


A delicious plate of tempeh with chestnuts and vegetables in one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona Spain
Tempeh with chestnuts and pumpkin – L’Hortet

Centrally located near the MACBA modern art museum, L’Hortet (the allotment in Catalan) is another of my long-standing favourites. They serve a mixture of traditional Mediterranean and Asian-style vegetarian food and, like most restaurants in Barcelona, offer an a la carte menu in the evenings and a lunchtime set menu. They also serve an express lunch menu and run vegetarian cooking workshops— more information on their website and at the restaurant.

Vegan dishes? Yes, vegan and gluten-free dishes are available.
Opening times: Mon-Fri 12:30 – 16:00, Sat-Sun 13:00 – 16:00 Thu-Sat 20:00 – 23:00
Address: Carrer del Pintor Fortuny 32
Neighbourhood: El Raval
Nearest Metro: Universitat (red and purple lines L1 & L2)

Facebook page


Tahini, salad and sauces starter served at the Hummus vegetarian street food restaurant, Barcelona
Mediterranean salad, Hummus

Located near Passeig de Gràcia and Casa Batlló, Hummus describe itself as a vegetarian street-food restaurant offering a selection of Middle-Eastern and Mediterranean dishes in relaxed, informal surroundings. At lunchtime, they serve a good value 3-course set menu.

Not surprisingly, their speciality dish is Hummus which is available in 6 different variations. They also serve more elaborate dishes such as Couscous, Sabij, and an excellent Shakshouka (eggs poached in a sauce made of tomatoes, aubergine and garlic) served in an iron skillet.

Vegan dishes? Yes, most dishes are vegan, although not marked.
Opening Times: Mon – Sat,12:00 – 16:30 18:00 – 23:00
Address: Carrer de València 227
Neighbourhood: L’Eixample
Nearest Metro: Passeig de Gràcia (L4, L3 and L2)

Macrobiotic Zen

A macrobiotic lunch including lentils, seaweed, tofu, carrots, beans, salad, apples tea and soup served at the Macrobiotic Zen vegan restaurant in Barcelona
Macrobiotic vegan set lunch – Macrobiotic Zen

Macrobiotic Zen is a canteen-style self-service restaurant located near to Plaça de la Universitat, which serves appetising vegan, macrobiotic food. The lunchtime set menu includes a choice of 4 soups followed by a combined main dish (a choice of 2 items combined with vegetables, salad and rice) and a choice of dessert accompanied by water and infusions.

The food is very good and the service friendly, especially at weekends, you should arrive early to avoid queueing. (Remember that in Barcelona, eating early means between 1 and 2!) If you prefer to eat al fresco, there are a few tables on the street. Alternatively, they offer a takeaway service and macrobiotic cooking classes (see website).

Vegan dishes? Yes, 100% vegan menu.
Opening Times: Mon – Sat 13:00 – 16:00
Address: C/ Muntaner 12
Neighbourhood: El Raval
Nearest metro: Universitat (red line L1 and purple line L2)
Facebook page

Organic Ume

Healthy vegan macrobiotic food served at Bioxoco Barcelona
Macrobiotic vegan main course, Organic Ume

Organic Ume is a vegan restaurant in the l’Eixample district which serves a macrobiotic lunchtime menu plus vegan tapas, cakes, juices, infusions and breakfast items.

The macrobiotic diet is based on concepts of Zen Buddhism, whereby each meal should contain a mix of yin and yang elements. Macrobiotic meals are normally based on brown rice, legumes, seaweed and locally sourced vegetables served with small quantities of nuts and fish.

Organic Ume’s 3-course vegan set lunch menu follows macrobiotic principles, combining vegetables, pulses and vegetable proteins such as tofu or seitan. They also have an a la carte menu which includes vegan tapas and snacks.

Vegan dishes? Yes, 100% vegan menu.
Opening Times: Mon 07:30 – 18:00, Tues – Fri 07:30 – 20:00, Sat 08:00 – 18:00
Address: Carrer de Sant Quintí 104
Neighbourhood: Sagrada Familia
Nearest metro: Guinardó | Hospital de Sant Pau (L4 yellow line)

Quinoa Bar Vegetarià

A so called escalivado vegan sandwich served on coca bread at the Quinoa bar in Barcelona's trendy Gracia neighbourhood
Escalivado – Quinoa bar vegetarià

Quinoa Bar Vegetaria is a tiny vegetarian sandwich bar in the Gràcia neighbourhood specializing in freshly made vegetarian and vegan sandwiches and salads, all of which are made to order right in front of you at the bar. They also serve fresh juices and desserts and stock a small selection of locally brewed craft beers and speciality teas.

A good choice for a light lunch or snack, all of the sandwiches on the menu are original and tasty. My personal favourite is the Escalivado sandwich which is a modified version of the traditional Catalan escalivada with avocado and salad served on coca bread.

Vegan dishes? Yes, others can be adapted.
Opening Times: Mon – Sat, 10:00 – 23:00
Address: Travessera de Gràcia, 203, Barcelona
Neighbourhood: Gràcia
Nearest Metro: Joanic (yellow line L4)
Facebook page


Vegetarian crêpe with smokede tofu, cooked vegetables and salad in the Rasoterra slow food vegetarian and vegan restaurant Barcelona
Japanese style crêpe – Rasoterra

Tucked away in the Gothic quarter near Plaça de Sant Jaume, Rasoterra is a vegetarian bistro which serves original mediterranean style dishes and tapas. Part of the slow food movement, they pride themselves in using locally sourced organic seasonal vegetables to produce delicious vegetarian and vegan food. The drinks menu includes a good selection of locally produced organic and vegan wines.

Vegan dishes? Yes, vegan and gluten-free dishes are indicated on the menu
Opening Times: Tues – Sun 13:00 – 16:00 19:00 – 23:00
Address: Carrer de Palau 5
Neighbourhood: Gothic Quarter
Nearest Metro: Jaume I (yellow line L4)
Facebook page

La Riera

Stuffed aubergine served at La Rieral vegetarian restaurant next to the Camp Nou Barcelona Football stadium
Stuffed Aubergines – La Riera

Located next to the Camp Nou football ground, La Riera was among the first vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona. They only open at lunchtime when they serve a 4-course set menu which costs just €10, including bread, water and either fruit juice or a glass of sangria.

They serve vegetarian and vegan versions of traditional Mediterranean food, plus a few internationally inspired dishes. The restaurant is friendly and relaxed, and the open-fronted kitchen area allows you to see the cooks at work preparing your food.

In addition to the menu, there are sheets of paper and pens on the tables for you to write down your order. There’s no need to worry if you don’t speak Spanish / Catalan as the staff speak English and are more than happy to translate the menu for you.

Vegan dishes? Yes, although they’re not marked on the menu.
Opening Times: Mon – Sat 13:00 – 16:00
Address: Carrer del Regente Mendieta 15
Neighbourhood: Sants – Les Corts  (Close to Barcelona football club’s Camp Nou stadium)
Nearest Metro: Collblanc (blue line L5 and orange line L9 sud)
Facebook page


Vegetable tart and salad in Sesamo. One of th best vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona
Vegetable tart – Sésamo

Although it might not look much from the street, Sésamo serves some of the best vegetarian food in Barcelona. Once inside, the narrow bar leads through to a stylish dining area with an intimate, relaxed atmosphere. The food is an original mix of Spanish, Italian and international cuisine and approximately half of the dishes are suitable for vegans.

You can either eat a la carte or try the tasting menu, which includes seven tapas-style dishes shared between 2 people, dessert and two glasses of wine per person. The quality of the food is excellent; in fact, my non-vegetarian partner says that Sésamo is the only vegetarian restaurant in Barcelona where the food is so delicious that she forgets that she is in a vegetarian restaurant. Praise indeed!

Favourite dishes include the mushroom croquettes, vegetable tart and the spectacular oven-roasted whole cauliflower.

Vegan dishes? Yes
Opening times: Tue-Sun 20:00 – 24:00
Address: C/Sant Antoni Abat 52, Barcelona
Neighbourhood: El Raval (Sant Antoni)
Nearest Metro: Sant Antoni (purple line L2)
Facebook page


A bowl of delicious vegetarian soup served with rice and drinking water at the the Sopa soup restaurant in Barcelona's Eixample district.
Lentil dahl soup – Sopa

Sopa have opened 2 vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona, one in the l’Eixample neighbourhood and the other in Poblenou. Both restaurants serve a selection of soups, salads, hot main dishes, juices, cakes and desserts. The food is simple and wholesome, and the restaurants are modern and airy.

From 12 to 4 pm, they serve a set menu for €9.90, which consists of a choice of soup followed by either a salad or a hot main course. Filtered drinking water is free, and you can add a dessert for €2.90 (I recommend the cheesecake).

The menu changes daily and normally includes four soups, two salads and three main courses. Outside the 12 to 4 timeframe, they serve drinks and cakes; there is a small shop with a limited number of health food products available.

Vegan dishes? Yes, also gluten, sugar and nut free (ask the staff).
Opening times: Mon – Fri 08:00 – 19:30 Sat-Sun 10:00 -17:00
Address: Carrer de Roc Boronat 114 and Carrer de Provença 330
Neighbourhood: Poblenou and L’Eixample.
Nearest Metro: Glories and Llacuna (L1 and L4), Diagonal and Verdaguer (L3, L4 and L5).

La Trocadero

Vegan burger with avocado and salad served on a tray, fst food style at the Trocadero restaurant near the Sagrada Familia, Barcelona
Tex-Mex burger with salad and spicy sauce – La Trocadero

A stone’s throw from the Sagrada Familia, La Trocadero specialises in vegan fast food, including burgers, hot dogs, nuggets, onion rings and salads. Unlike your typical fast food place (in addition to the fact that the food is 100% vegan), the restaurant is small and inviting with funky, colourful décor. When you place your order at the counter, you’re given a pager to let you know when your burgers are ready.

Vegan dishes? Yes, vegan fast food.
Opening Times: Mon – Sun 11:30 – 23:00
Address: Carrer de la Marina, 269
Neighbourhood: Sagrada Família
Nearest metro: Sagrada Familia (L2 & L5, purple and blue lines)
Facebook page


delicious vegetarian paella served at Vegetalia, a vegetarian restaurant in Barcelona's gothic quarter
Vegetarian Paella – Vegetalia

Vegetalia started out supplying organic vegetables to Barcelona’s restaurants and greengrocers. In 2007 they opened their first vegetarian restaurant. This was followed by an organic farm in Castellcir and two more restaurants in Barcelona’s Gothic quarter and El Born. All three restaurants have a relaxed “modern rustic” style and serve international vegetarian food such as woks, salads and lasagna, as well as veggie burgers and pizzas. Favourite dishes include the Pica-pica starter selection, vegetarian fajita with frijoles, vegetarian paella and the 3-grain risotto with asparagus.

Like most of the restaurants listed, you can choose between eating a la carte or from a lunchtime set menu. They also offer a vegetarian brunch menu, and the restaurants at Plaza Emili Vendrell and Escudellers both have tables outside where you can enjoy eating “al fresco”. The recently opened restaurant in the Born neighbourhood has large windows with views of the Santa Maria del Mar church.

Vegan dishes? Yes
Opening times: Mon-Sun 11:00 – 23:30
Address: Plaça Emili Vendrell 1, Carrer de Escudellers 54 and Pl del Fossar de les Moreres
Neighbourhood: El Raval, the Gothic Quarter and El Born
Nearest Metro: Plaça de Catalunya, Liceu, Jaume I and Drassnes

Veg World India

Stainless steel Thali plate in Veg World India vegetarian restaurant in Barcelona
Vegetarian thali – Veg World India

The name of this restaurant pretty much says it all, authentic Indian vegetarian cuisine, most of which is suitable for vegans. There is also a selection of international dishes on the menu, ideal if, like me, you love Indian food, but your partner doesn’t.

The food is excellent, and the staff is friendly. As their website states: “Holistically healthy and tasty items made from fresh components make you sync with the entirely Indian ambience.”

Vegan dishes? Yes, 90% of the menu is vegan.
Opening Times: Tue – Sun, 13:00 – 16:00, 20:00 – 23:00
Address: Carrer de Bruniquer 26, Barcelona
Neighbourhood: Gracia
Nearest Metro: Joanic (yellow line L4)

Map of Vegetarian Restaurants in Barcelona

Which are your favourite vegetarian or vegan restaurants in Barcelona? Have you eaten in any of the restaurants listed? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below.

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