Barcelona Central Post Office

Close-up of the carvings above the main entrance to Barcelona Central Post Office. There is a large coat of arms and several stone statues above the greek style entrance way with decorated columns. At the bottom of the photo there are two flags one is the Catalan flag the other is the flag of Barcelona.
Main Façade, Barcelona Central Post Office

Passeig de Colom, the avenue which runs from the Columbus monument towards the Parc de la Ciutadella, is flanked by a series of elegant buildings dating back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

One of the most interesting of them is the Central Post Office which was designed by Josep Goday i Casals and Jaume Torres i Grau and built in 1927. The building’s design is a mixture of Catalan Modernism and Noucentism (the architectural and artistic style which immediately followed Modernism).

The exterior of Barcelona central post office seen from the other side of Via Laitana. There are two trees in the foreground and a line of parked motorbikes on the kerb.
Barcelona Central Post Office

The post office overlooks Barcelona harbour and its façade is dominated by the classically styled main entrance. An elegant stone staircase leads up to 3 large doorways flanked by 4 Ionic style columns topped by an architrave supporting 4 statues above which there is a large coat of arms.

If the building and it’s surroundings look familiar it’s probably because they featured in a long running advert for Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier. The one where a sailor returns home aboard a ship which runs aground and tears up the streets.

Part of the advert was filmed from the roof of the post office and you get a brief glimpse of one of the towers and the back of the coat of arms 34 seconds into the video. The ship finally grinds to a halt in front of one of the buildings on the other side of Via Laietana.

Interior view of Barcelona Post Office thru a fisheye lense. You can see the glase ceiling dome and mosaics which decorate the ceiling and upper wals. Also the slender corinthian columns whic support the roof and old fashioned interior. The photo shows the typical distortin associated with fisheye lenses.
Inside Barcelona Central Post Office (fisheye lense)

Entering the building through the wooden revolving doors you might be surprised to discover that it’s still a fully functioning post office. In fact it’s Barcelona’s main post office and if you want to send a parcel home then this is the place to do it.

Once through the foyer you come to the main hall which, apart from a bit of electronic gadgetry, hasn’t changed since the building opened in 1927. The square hall is surrounded on three sides by glass fronted wooden counters, 4 slender stone pillars support the high ceiling.

The hall is illuminated by sunlight filtering through a central glass dome. The ceiling, arches and upper parts of the walls are decorated with classical frescoes by artists Josep Galí, Francesc Labarta, Josep Obiols and Francesc Canyelles. One of the paintings features the Greek god Hermes, son of Zeus and messenger of the Gods.

One of the two black vintage postman's bikes located just inside the entrance of Barcelona Central Post Office. The bike is standing in front of brown doors with windows through which you can see the interior of the post office.
Vintage postman’s bike

Time needed to visit

5 minutes.

Entry fee

Free of charge.

Opening times

Monday to Friday 08:30 to 21:30
Saturday 08:30 to 14;00


Plaça d´Antonio López, s/n

How to get there

The post office is half way between Jaume I and Barceloneta metro stations (both on the L4 yellow line). Jaume I is the easiest to walk from since you don’t have to cross any busy roads.

Cherubs holding a crown with a bat on it above the Barcelona coat of arms. Carved details above a door at the side of Barcelona central post office
Detail of the side entrance

Other attracions nearby:

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The Gambrinus lobster statue
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Palau de la Musica Catalana
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The Christopher Columbus monument


Plaça d'Antonio López s/n, Barcelona


  1. Good morning
    I posted postcards to England on 23/03/24 in the yellow post box on the rambla behind street fernando poo

    I’m wondering is there a chance they are going to arrive soon

    1. Hi Nick,

      The cards should definately have arrived by now. I’ve found that international post usually takes about a week from Barcelona to the UK.

      I recommend you get in touch with the Spanish Post Office using the contact form on their website, here.

  2. I sent a package on the 8th from the post office in barcelona universities close la cause hotel . The parcel was sent to London. It arrived London on the 22nd there was no one to claim it at the time as tve6 were out of town. Few weeks later they saw the letter from the post office on trying to claim they were told parcel has been sent back to Barcelona. I have tried calling but its in Spanish. How can I get the parcel returned back to London

  3. I want to ship one or two packages home to the U.S. (to lighten my luggage). Would I be able to buy the boxes and packing materials as well, at this central post office?

    1. Hi Gary,

      They do have some boxes and packing materials, but you will find a better selection and cheaper prices if you purchase at a stationer or one of the many, so-called, Chinese Bazaars.

  4. I am considering sending my luggage to the USA from Barcelona instead of paying $5 per day to store it while I do the Camino. I do not need it at the trek start, during or end, but I have been traveling as a nomad with all of my belongings with me, and do not know how to cost-effectively have it held for 30 days…
    I’m flying in from Cairo and people say to have the Barcelona post send it to Santiago but then I would have to fly back to Barcelona anyway to get to the USA. Any recommendations please?

    1. Hi Stephanie,

      €5 per day sounds about right for leaving your luggage in a left luggage store.

      Since you will be leaving it for a month, it would work out cheaper to rent storage space. For example, I keep my windsurfing and surf gear in a 1.5m square by 2.5m high self storage unit rented from Bluespace that costs me about €60 per month. They also have smaller units available, which are cheaper. Plus, the first month usually comes with a discount, so you should end up paying even less. If I remember right, the minimum rental period is 15 days. Other companies offer a similar service in Barcelona, so it’s worth shopping around.

      Out of interest, are you walking the Camino Catalan, starting at Montserrat, all the way to Santiago de Compostella, or will you be taking the train for part of the way?

  5. I sent a package March 12, 2020to my friend in Barcelona. US post office told me it’ll take 7-10 working days. I track the package almost daily and it seemed that it’s a black hole now. No info as to its whereabouts.
    Package contains N95 masks

    1. Hi Amparo,

      I know that it must be frustrating but 10 working days are 2 weeks and today is only the 26th.

      With the situation caused by coronavirus I wouldn’t be surprised if things take longer than usual.

      Did the US post office give you a tracking number? If so you may be able to check the whereabouts of the package on their website (disclaimer: I’ve never used US postal services so I don’t know whether they offer this service).

      Also, since the parcel has been sent from the US, it may be delayed in customs. Parcels originating from outside the EU are opened and inspected to see whether any taxes are due. You can find out more about this on the post office’s website here.

      If the parcel doesn’t arrive in the next couple of days, I recommend that your friend try contacting the Spanish postal service to see if they have any information.

      They can be contacted via the postal service website (see link above) or by telephone 902 197 197.

    1. Hi John,

      I wasn’t sure whether this was still possible nowadays so I asked at my local post office this afternoon.

      They told me that you can send letters to the Lista de Correos at any Spanish post office.

      You should address it to the person who will be picking up the letter (full name as it appears on your passport), followed by Lista de Correos then the address of the post office where you want to collect the letter.

      So, if you want to collect mail from the Poste Restante at Barcelona Central Post Office you should address it to:

      “Insert full name here”
      Lista de Correos
      Correos (Oficina Central de Barcelona)
      Plaça d’Antonio López, s/n,
      08002 Barcelona

  6. Hello. I was visiting Barcelona 2 weeks ago and I send 12 postcards in Rambla postbox 13.12.2017. They are not here in Finland yet. What are You doing in that part of Europe? Is this normal or is Catalonia anymore in civilization?

    1. Hi Rainer,

      2 weeks seems pretty slow, whenever I’ve sent letters or parcels from Barcelona to the UK they’ve usually arrived within a week.

      I guess that since it’s the Christmas / New Year period things are busier than usual and you can expect them to take a little longer.

      I know it must be frustrating but hopefully your cards will arrive soon.

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