Free Parking in Barcelona During August

A Car parked in the green zone which becomes free parking in Barcelona during August

On street parking in Barcelona is limited and finding somewhere to park for free isn’t easy. In 2005, in an attempt to free up parking spaces for local residents and to reduce traffic in the …

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Hay Fever Season in Barcelona

A row of hay fever triggering Loandon Plane trees in Barcelona

Since moving to Barcelona I have found that I suffer less from hay fever than when I lived in the UK. I believe that this is because Barcelona is a large coastal city and there …

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What to Wear in Barcelona in December

Christmas shoppers on Barcelonas Las Ramblas

The weather in December has been pretty mild with daytime temperatures between 10 and 16 degrees Centigrade. It has been mostly dry with a mix of blue skies and overcast. Two or three days were …

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Free WiFi Hotspots in Barcelona

Map of free WIFI Hotspots in Barcelona

Free WiFi is widely available in Barcelona. In 2011 the city council launched Barcelona WIFI and installed antennas throughout the city. You can also get online for free in shopping centres, bars & restaurants and …

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What to Wear In Barcelona in September

A Hop On Hop Off tour bus full of tourists in Barcelona

The weather in Barcelona during September has been pretty varied. It started off like the first few weeks of August; sunny with blue skies and temperatures up in the high twenties. Then there were 2 …

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