The Umbrella House – Casa Bruno Cuadros

The painted steel Chinese dragon sign on the façade of the umbrella house Barcelona. The dragon is adorned by a fan, an umbrella and a bamboo lantern.

One of the most easily recognisable landmarks on Barcelona’s iconic Las Ramblas boulevard, Casa Bruno Cuadros is located half-way between Plaça de Catalunya and the Columbus Monument. Better known as The Umbrella House (Catalan: Casa …

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Fira de La Candelera – Molins de Rei

Market stall selling calçots, artichokes tomatoes and oranges at the Fira de la Candelera fair, Molins de Rei, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

La Fira de la Candelera takes place in Molins de Rei during the first weekend of February. Traditionally this is an important date for farmers and rural communities because it marks the halfway point between …

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Monument to Joan Salvat-Papasseit

Close up photo of the monument to Catalan poet Joan Salvat-Papasseit. In this photograph you can clearly see the expression, and the bird droppings, on the statues face.

Joan Salvat i Papasseit was born in Barcelona in 1894. After his father died in 1901 Salvat grew up in a naval orphanage where he received only the most basic education. He left school at …

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The Foundling Wheel at Plaça de Viçenc Martorell

Photo of the main façade of the house of mercy orphanage including the foundling wheel or baby hatch in Plaça de Vicenc Martorell, Barcelona

Many of Barcelona’s civic centres and local council offices are located in historic buildings, many of which originally belonged to private individuals or the church. One such building is the Citizen Services Office (Seu del Districte …

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Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site

The main entrance to the old Hospital de Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site in Barcelona.

A Short walk from the Sagrada Familia, the Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site is one of the most interesting architectural and historical attractions in Barcelona. Built at the start of the 20th century, the site …

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Monument to US Servicemen

The metal plaque on the side of the monument to us servicemen in Barcelona. The design includes an eagle atop a globe and an anchor with the letters USN.

On the night of January 17th 1977, 49 American servicemen lost their lives in a tragic accident in Barcelona harbour. The men, who were serving aboard the USS Guam and USS Trenton, had been enjoying …

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Barcelona Central Post Office

The exterior of Barcelona central post office seen from the other side of Via Laitana. There are two trees in the foreground and a line of parked motorbikes on the kerb.

Passeig de Colom, the avenue which runs from the Columbus monument towards the Parc de la Ciutadella, is flanked by a series of elegant buildings dating back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries. …

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Stargazers (Miraestels) by Robert Llimós

One of the stargazer monuments in Barcelona harbour

A few metres from the Rambla del Mar walkway, two pristine white figures float silently in the waters of Barcelona harbour. The 3.55m polyester and fibreglass sculptures, their gaze turned up to the heavens, were …

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Christopher Columbus Monument and Viewpoint

Close up photo of the statue at the top of the Christopher Columbus monument, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

The Columbus Monument Barcelona’s Columbus Monument (Catalan: Mirador de Colom) was erected in 1888 for the Universal Exposition. The 60m high iron column is topped by a bronze statue of the famous Italian explorer who …

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A Room Where it Always Rains by Juan Muñoz

Close up of the bronze figures in Juan Muñoz's A Room Were it Always Rains sculpture, Barcelona

In preparation for the Olympic Games of 1992, Barcelona’s seafront and port were transformed from a largely neglected industrial area into one of the most attractive waterfronts in Europe. The whole area was given a …

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Homage to swimming by Alfredo Lanz

The homage to swimming monument on the Barceloneta beach in Barcelona early in the morning when nobody is about

Spanish artist Alfredo Lanz has 2 sculptures on display near Barcelona’s waterfront. The better known and largest of the two is Homage to swimming (Catalan: Homenatge a la Natació) which is located in Plaça del …

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Onades (Waves) by Andreu Alfaro

Photo of the onates "waves" statue in Barcelona taken with a fisheye lense

If you arrived in Barcelona by ferry or cruise ship you will already be familiar with the Onades (waves) sculpture by Andreu Alfaro Hernández. Likewise, if you took a taxi from the airport to the city centre, …

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Cobi – Barcelona’s Olympic Mascot

Statue of Cobi. Barcelona's Olympic mascot was designed by Javier Mariscal for the 1992 Olympic Games

With it’s heady mix of culture, beaches, history, architecture and night-life Barcelona is one of Europe’s top tourist destinations. The tourist boom started in 1992 when the city hosted the Olympic Games and embraced the …

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Panorama by Jorge Rodríguez-Gerada

Giant mural super realistic portrait of a woman painted by Jorge Rodriguez Gerada in the Sant Martí district of Barcelona Spain

Panorama is a 28m high composite portrait which was painted on the facade of the Centre Civic de Sant Martí as part of the 2015 Open Walls Conference. Cuban born artist Jorge Rodríguez-Gerda combined elements of …

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