Fountain of Diana

Close up photo of Diana the Huntress in front of leafy trees on Gran Via Barcelona

Located on the intersection of Gran Via and Roger de Lluria, the Fountain of Diana is a six and a half metre tall marble fountain topped by a statue of the Roman goddess Diana the huntress. The Renaissance styled Fountain by Venancio Vallmitjana was commissioned by Barcelona city council in 1913. Apparently, the young goddess …

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Monument to Narcís Monturiol : Inventor of the Steam Powered Submarine

Bronze replica of the first steam powered submarine Ictineo II which was invented by Narcís Monturiol i Estarriol and launched in Barcelona in 1865

Located on Avinguda Diagonal, this four and a half metre concrete and bronze monument to inventor and political activist Narcís Monturiol i Estarriol was inaugurated in 1963. Created by Josep Maria Subirachs, the monument includes a replica of Monturiol’s most famous invention, the steam powered submarine Ictíneo II which was first launched in the Port …

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A Thoughtful Bull and a Very Flirtatious Giraffe (Statues)

Bronxe statue of a Giraffe by Josep Granyer, the giraffe is reclining in a sexy pose, it's tail draped over one hoof

The streets of Barcelona are often likened to an open-air museum or art gallery. From the famous Art Nouveau architecture to monuments, sculptures and street art, there’s something to catch your eye at every turn. Two of the most unusual statues are Thinking Bull (Brau Pensador) and Flirty Giraffe (Girafa Coqueta) which are located at …

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The Wounded Star Sculpture by Rebecca Horn (L’Estel Ferit)

The wounded star statue at sunrise by Rebecca Horn. Photo of Barcelona beach, the early morning sunshine is shining through windows of thye rusty iron block statue staining them yellow. A lone paddlesurfer is walking across the sand carring their board towards the sea for an early morning surf session,

The Wounded Star (Catalan: L’Estel Ferit) by Rebecca Horn is one of several contemporary sculptures which were installed on Barcelona’s waterfront in preparation for the 1992 Olympics. The rusty iron tower is a homage to the rundown chiringuitos (beach bars) and seafood stalls which stood here before the area was refurbished and gentrified in the …

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