Carmela by Jaume Plensa

2D statue of Carmela in front of the Catalan Music Palace in Barcelona's Gothic Quarter

Carmela is one of four sculptures by Jaume Plensa which were exhibited at the Palau de la Musica Catalana in 2016. The statue was such a hit with the neighbours that they started a petition …

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Fountain of Diana

Close up photo of Diana the Huntress in front of leafy trees on Gran Via Barcelona

Located on the intersection of Gran Via and Roger de Lluria, the Fountain of Diana is a six and a half metre tall marble fountain topped by a statue of the Roman goddess Diana the …

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Monument to Santiago Rusiñol

White statue of artist Santaigo Rusiñol in Barcelona's La Ribera neighbourhood (aka el Born)

Santiago Rusiñol was a key figure in Catalan Modernism, an artistic movement encompassing art, architecture, design and literature. Born in Barcelona in 1861, he was the son of a wealthy family which owned a textile …

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Barcelona Balconies by Cité Création

Close up photo of 2 balconies from the mural Balcons de Barcelona including Antoni Gaudi, Ildefons Cerda and Pablo Picasso

Balcons de Barcelona (Barcelona Balconies) is a large scale trompe l’oil style mural painted on the south-west elevation of an apartment building in the l’Eixample neighbourhood, near the Sagrada Familia. Part of a campaign called …

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Statue of Marià Fortuny

The white marble statue of Pintor Marià Fortuny which stands on the street which bers the artists name in Barcelona's el Raval neighbourhood.

Marià Fortuny i Marsal was a renowned 19th Century Catalan painter whose best known works are on display in the National Art Museum of Barcelona (MNAC) and the Prado museum in Madrid. Born in Reus …

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Monument to Sportspeople of the Sea

Monument dedicated to the sportsmen of the sea by the royal yacht capitains association, located in Barcelona's Port Vell Marina

The monument to sportspeople of the sea (Catalan: Esportistes del Mar) by Joaquim Ros i Sabaté is one of 3 monuments commissioned by the Real Asamblea Español de Capitanes de Yate during the 1960s, all …

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Monument to Joan Salvat-Papasseit

Close up photo of the monument to Catalan poet Joan Salvat-Papasseit. In this photograph you can clearly see the expression, and the bird droppings, on the statues face.

Joan Salvat i Papasseit was born in Barcelona in 1894. After his father died in 1901 Salvat grew up in a naval orphanage where he received only the most basic education. He left school at …

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