The Wounded Star Sculpture by Rebecca Horn (L’Estel Ferit)

The wounded star statue at sunrise by Rebecca Horn. Photo of Barcelona beach, the early morning sunshine is shining through windows of thye rusty iron block statue staining them yellow. A lone paddlesurfer is walking across the sand carring their board towards the sea for an early morning surf session,

The Wounded Star (Catalan: L’Estel Ferit) by Rebecca Horn is one of several contemporary sculptures which were installed on Barcelona’s waterfront in preparation for the 1992 Olympics. The rusty iron tower is a homage to the rundown chiringuitos (beach bars) and seafood stalls which stood here before the area was refurbished and gentrified in the …

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Barcelona Balconies by Cité Création

Close up photo of 2 balconies from the mural Balcons de Barcelona including Antoni Gaudi, Ildefons Cerda and Pablo Picasso

Balcons de Barcelona (Barcelona Balconies) is a large scale trompe l’oil style mural painted on the south-west elevation of an apartment building in the l’Eixample neighbourhood, near the Sagrada Familia. Part of a campaign called Barcelona posa’t guapa (Barcelona get pretty) the mural was painted in 1992 during the in the run up to the …

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Stargazer (Miraestels) by Robert Llimós

One of the stargazer monuments in Barcelona harbour

A few metres from the Rambla del Mar walkway, two pristine white figures float silently in the waters of Barcelona harbour. The 3.55m polyester and fibreglass sculptures, their gaze turned up to the heavens, were designed by Robert Llimós and built by local shipbuilder Marina 92. The Stargazer (Catalan: Miraesteles) statues are 2 of a …

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La Parella: The Couple by Lautaro Díaz Silva

The couple statue by Lauturo Díaz sit alone on a wall in front of old buildings beside Barcelona's historic old port the Port Vell

One of my favourite walking routes in Barcelona is around the historic Port Vell harbour from the Christopher Columbus monument to the Barceloneta beach. Along the way you can enjoy views of the harbour filled with yachts and historic tall ships, take a look at the classic architecture and admire the diverse collection of contemporary sculptures …

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The Shark of the Carmel Mural: El Tauró del Carmel

25m long shark graffiti street art in Barcelona

The El Tauró del Carmel shark mural was painted in 2009 by Italian artist Blu as part of the Influencers street art festival. The 25m long green shark is made up of 100€ notes and represents the insatiable appetite of capitalism which is set to consume us all (Spain’s financial crisis started in 2008). Although now …

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A Room Where it Always Rains by Juan Muñoz

Close up of the bronze figures in Juan Muñoz's A Room Were it Always Rains sculpture, Barcelona

In preparation for the Olympic Games of 1992, Barcelona’s seafront and port were transformed from a largely neglected industrial area into one of the most attractive waterfronts in Europe. The whole area was given a facelift and a new marina was built as well as apartment buildings to house the athletes. The old railway tracks …

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Panorama by Jorge Rodríguez-Gerada

Giant mural super realistic portrait of a woman painted by Jorge Rodriguez Gerada in the Sant Martí district of Barcelona Spain

Panorama is a 28m high composite portrait which was painted on the facade of the Centre Civic de Sant Martí as part of the 2015 Open Walls Conference. Cuban born artist Jorge Rodríguez-Gerda combined elements of 10 local women to create a portrait that represents the neighbourhood as a whole. The idea behind the composite portrait …

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Marc by Robert Llimós

Brightly coloured bronze statue of Marc in Barcelona's Olympic village

Marc is one of a pair of nearly identical statues by Robert Llimós portraying a colourful, genderless, neo-expressionist human figure holding a large picture frame which it is looking through. The sculpture was inaugurated in 1997 and  it’s title is a play on words. Marc means frame in Catalan and the statue is dedicated to the artist’s …

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